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surgicalinformationpacket.pdfWe value our patients and clients, and we appreciate the role we get to play in your cat’s health care. As our way of saying thank you, check this page for different specials that will help you save on services and products.

Whenever you see a special offer on this page, print it out or show it to us on your phone. Make sure to take note of the expiration dates, as we change our special offers from time to time.

Again, all of us at The Cat Doctor S.C. want to thank you and your cats for being a loyal member of our community. We are grateful that you have chosen us as your cat’s health care provider.

Among all causes of lethal feline disease, none should be taken more seriously by cat owners than those caused by two specific submicroscopic organisms: feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Although these viruses are somewhat different in appearance and in the manner in which they exact their toll on feline health, infection with either one of them, if undetected, is capable of causing a cat's premature death. To make matters worse, FeLV and FIV infections are by no means rare. Recent estimates indicate that two percent to four percent of the 83 million or so cats in the U.S. harbor one or both of these two viruses. via 



Spring is coming soon..we promise, which means ‘kitten season’ will also be upon us. Spring/summer is the busiest time of year for new kittens looking for homes. Of course these new babies need to be spayed or neutered and The Cat Doctor would like to offer a discount on spaying or neutering. Print the coupon below or show us it on your phone to receive the special offer.